Kikujiro Nishimori

Kikujiro Nishimori
Kikujiro Nishimori. Photo: Archives de Nouvelle Calédonie: 34W30

Kikujiro Nishimori was born in Okayama Prefecture in 1891. He migrated to New Caledonia in 1914, where he worked as a tailor. Nishimori was arrested in Thio on 11 December 1941 and sent to Australia on 29 May 1942 and was initially interned in Hay. In May 1943 he was transferred to 14B Compound, Loveday.

On 29 November 1945, Nishimori fell when alighting from a truck when returning from work and broke a bone in his left foot. He was admitted to 64 Camp Hospital the following day. His injury prevented him from working, and a Court of Inquiry into his accident found that Nishimori was not at fault and recommended that he be given an ex-gratis payment for the days he was unable to work. Nishimori was released from hospital in preparation for his repatriation to Japan on the Koei-maru in February 1946.


Text by Rowena Ward


Archives de Nouvelle Calédonie: 34W30

NAA: A367 C76534 Nishimori Kikujiro

NAA: MP1103/1 CJ22469 Prisoner of War/Internee: Nishimori Kikujiro; Year of birth 1891; Nationality-Japanese