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Loveday Lives

Loveday Lives is a project supported by The Japan Foundation, Sydney and created by a group of historians based at Flinders University.

In examining the history of the largest internment camp in Australia in the Second World War, the project turns a spotlight on the lives of the thousands of internees from many parts of the world whose lives were profoundly shaped by the time they spent in remote South Australia, far from their homes and families. The project also recognises that the history of Loveday reverberates long beyond the Second World War, indeed it reaches down through the generations and into the present. In this sense, too, Loveday lives.

For those trapped in Loveday, as for all people deprived of their liberty in any time or place, an important way to record and make sense of their fate, to seek consolation, and to find an outlet for their creative talents, was through artistic expression. In the website’s Gallery, some of the products of their labours are made available to a wider world, often for the first time.

The authors of the website welcome communication from all those whose own family history was in some way touched by life in Loveday.

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