Lamberto Yonna

Lamberto Yonna was born in Ancona in Italy in 1891. He served in the Italian armed forces in the First World War before emigrating to Australia in 1920. In Australia he pursued a career in business and became Secretary of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Sydney. He was arrested in early August 1940 in Orange and spent time also in Hay and Liverpool before being tranpsorted to Loveday in March 1942. He remained there until January 1944. A gifted artist, Yonna brought his talents to bear in Loveday, making artworks depicting guards and fellow internees but also teaching others to sketch and draw. His works are an invaluable record of life inside the camp.


MP1103/1, PWN9219: Prisoner of War/Internee: Yonna, Lamberto; Date of birth – 16 June 1891; Nationality – Italian