Fritz Bambach

Fritz Bambach was born in Bensheim in Germany in 1883 but he was living in Isfahan in Iran when he was detained by British authorities on 16 September 1941. At that time his wife Elly was living in Dresden. Fritz arrived in Adelaide on 19 November 1941 aboard the Rangitiki and was transferred to Loveday the following day. He spent most of the war interned in Loveday, until he was transferred to Tatura in Victoria at the end of January 1945. Records show that he was ‘Released to Sydney’ in January 1947. Clearly Bambach was a man of very substantial artistic gifts, which he used to good effect to record life in Loveday.


Peter Monteath, Captured Lives: Australia’s Wartime Internment Camps, Canberra: NLA, 2018.

NAA: MP1103/1, R36428 Prisoner of War/Internee: Bambach, Fritz; Date of birth - 18 August 1883; Nationality – German

NAA: D4028 BAMBACH Fritz - Nationality: German. Place of Birth: Bensheim/Hessen. Arrived: Outer Harbor, 19 November 1941.